what is the difference between the three fire extinguishers?

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There are two types commonly used by ordinary people and three types commonly used by factories and enterprises. Let's talk about these three types of fire extinguishers:

ABC dry powder fire extinguishers refer to those that can extinguish class a fire, class B fire, class C fire and electric fire.

Water based fire extinguisher (water system fire extinguisher) can extinguish class a fire, class B fire, class C fire and electric fire.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher can extinguish class B fire, class C fire and electric fire.

Among them, dry powder fire extinguisher, dry powder fire extinguisher is a fire extinguishing equipment that uses carbon dioxide gas as power to spray dry powder.

Portable dry powder fire extinguishers are 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg and 8kg. Portable fire extinguishers can only be sprayed for about 10-20 seconds, so they can only extinguish small fires, that is, in the initial stage of fire, general stores and public places are mandatory, as well as places such as cars.


usage method:

1. Handle the portable fire extinguisher. Put down the fire extinguisher at about 3m-5m away from the fire point. Pay attention to the upwind direction when using it outdoors.

2. Turn the fire extinguisher upside down several times before use to loosen the dry powder in the cylinder.

3. Pull out the safety pin, hold the nozzle with one hand to align it with the root of the flame, and press the handle with the other hand to spray dry powder from the nozzle.

4. Spray left and right, not up and down. Keep the fire extinguisher upright during fire extinguishing, and do not use it horizontally or upside down.

Application method of wheeled dry powder fire extinguisher

The wheeled pressure storage ABC dry powder fire extinguisher is internally equipped with ammonium phosphate dry powder fire extinguishing agent and nitrogen, which is convenient to move and simple to operate. It is suitable for extinguishing the initial fire of combustible solid, combustible liquid, combustible gas and charged equipment.

There are 35kg and 50kg wheeled dry powder fire extinguishers. Wheeled fire extinguishers are mainly used in flammable and explosive places such as gas stations, warehouses, factories, ships, power distribution rooms and key fire prevention places. However, places with carts should also be used together with portable ones.

Usage: (two people should cooperate)

1. Quickly push and pull the fire extinguisher to the fire site and stop at about 10m away from the ignition point.

2. After one person releases the spray hose, hold the spray gun tightly with both hands and aim at the burning place.

3., the other one turns the handwheel counterclockwise, and the screw is raised to the height of * so that the cap can be opened enough, and the cylinder will be dumped backward, so that the rod touches the ground and the handle of the valve rotates 90 degrees, so that the foam can be sprayed to extinguish the fire.

4. If the valve is installed at the spray gun, the person responsible for operating the spray gun shall open the valve.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are mostly used in precision instruments, laboratories, libraries and other places,

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are mainly used to extinguish the initial fire of valuable equipment, archives, instruments and meters, electrical equipment below 600V and oil.

usage method:

1. Pull out the safety bolt first.

2. Press down the handle (or rotate the valve).

3. Aim the nozzle at the root of the flame to extinguish the fire.

Precautions for carbon dioxide fire extinguisher: wear gloves when using to avoid skin contact with the spray barrel and spray hose and prevent frostbite. When using carbon dioxide fire extinguisher to put out electrical fire, if the voltage exceeds 600 V, power off first and then put out the fire.

*Followed by water-based fire extinguishers.

Water based fire extinguisher is a new type of physical fire extinguisher, which has the advantages of non-toxic, pollution-free, high fire extinguishing efficiency, good flame retardant and anti reburning performance. Its tank body is similar to that of ordinary dry powder fire extinguishers, and most of them are red and green, but water-based fire extinguishers have strong expansibility.

Different from the extinguishing principle of dry powder fire extinguisher and carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, water-based fire extinguisher forms water mist on the one hand, absorbs a lot of heat and quickly reduces the temperature of the fire site; On the other hand, surfactant rapidly expands into an uninterrupted water film on the surface of combustibles to isolate oxygen and achieve the purpose of suffocation and fire extinguishing. At the same time, it also has a strong penetration effect, which can penetrate into the interior of combustibles and play the role of flame retardant and anti reburning.

usage method:

Step 1: lift the fire extinguisher to the site, about 6-10m away from the combustor, and then pull out the safety pin;

The second step: one hand holds the open pressure handle, the other hand holds the spray gun, and when the pressure bar is opened, press down and hold tightly. If the seal of the fire extinguisher is opened, the air foam will be ejected from the spray gun.

The third step: after the foam is sprayed, the spray gun should be aligned with the fire. The fire extinguisher should be kept perpendicular to the ground, and should not be lying or upside down.


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