Types, advantages and disadvantages of demolition tools?

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Demolition tool is a tool used by fire or traffic police personnel to remove obstacles in surprise operations in case of fire, car accident and other emergencies. So what are the types of demolition tools? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Let's introduce to you:

1、 Manual demolition tools: prying axe, door bumper, fire waist axe, pickaxe, spade, knife, axe, etc; The rescue work is mainly completed by the operator's own strength.

Advantages: it does not need any energy and is suitable for accident rescue with low urgency;

Disadvantages: small power and slow efficiency.

2、 Electric demolition tools: electric saw, electric drill, electric welding machine, etc; The purpose of cutting, drilling and obstacle removal is realized by converting electric energy into mechanical energy.

Advantages: fast working efficiency;

Disadvantages: no power supply is available in case of power failure or field operation.

3、 Motorized demolition tools: motorized saw, motorized pick, forklift, excavator, etc; It mainly uses fuel as power to convert mechanical energy to break down and remove obstacles.

Advantages: fast working efficiency, not affected by power supply;

Disadvantages: the equipment is large and inconvenient to carry.

4、 Hydraulic breaking tools: hydraulic scissors, hydraulic expander, hydraulic ejector rod, etc; It mainly converts high-pressure energy into mechanical energy for breaking, dismantling and lifting.

Advantages: large energy and fast working efficiency;

Disadvantages: heavy equipment and unstable quality.

5、 Pneumatic demolition tools: pneumatic cutter, pneumatic pick, air cushion, etc; It works by converting mechanical energy with high-pressure air.

Advantages: small equipment.

Disadvantages: single function.

6、 Bullet breaking tools: Lock destroying gun, double power door striker, bullet pliers, etc; The high-pressure gas produced by ammunition explosion is used as the power source.

Advantages: small equipment, fast efficiency and large energy;

Disadvantages: single function.


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