How to use manual demolition tools?

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Demolition tools are mainly used for firefighting, traffic police, and armed police forces to quickly demolish and remove obstacles such as anti-theft window railings, collapsed building steel bars, window rails, etc. in the event of a fire, car accident, or assault rescue.

Demolition tools and equipment can be divided into manual demolition tools, electric demolition tools, motorized demolition tools, hydraulic demolition tools, pneumatic demolition tools, bomb energy demolition tools, and other demolition tools according to power sources. So what's in these demolition tools?

Manual demolition tools generally include crowbars, door strikers, fire-fighting waist axes, pickaxes, spades, knives, and axes. It mainly depends on the operator's own strength to complete the rescue work. It can stretch and shrink, can be large and small, can be disassembled and assembled, and is known as the "variable gold steel"

The manual demolition tool is a combination of rescue tools used in rescue and rescue. It integrates the functions of rescue and demolition tools commonly used in the world. It can: pry, chop, twist, shear, chisel, pull, cut, bump, punch, Top, tear, shovel, knock, pull, split, etc. So what is the method of using the tools of the manual demolition tool set?

1. Telescopic arm: The length of the arm can be adjusted by loosening the front locking nut. After locking, it can be combined with other components to provide a lever of any length. Loosening the locking nut can also be used for reciprocating positioning and demolition; by loosening The rear lock nut can be interchanged with other components.

2. Wide chisel knife: used for prying and chiseling hard objects such as brick walls and wooden doors and windows, and also for cutting chains, bolts, etc.

This tool can also be disassembled into a cutter head and a post, which can be used in conjunction with other cutter tools.

3. Narrow chisel: used to chip away hard objects such as brick walls and cement.

4. Pointed chisel: For cutting hard objects, other tools can also be used for cutting after positioning and punching.

5. Leather prying device: It can be used with connecting rods to cut iron sheets of automobiles and airplanes.

6. Broken lock nail puller: used to pry open doors and windows, break open padlocks, and pull out steel nails.

7. Crosshead: Used in conjunction with the post, it is conducive to the use of force in a narrow space, and it can break doors and windows.

8. Extension rod: used in conjunction with other components.

The manual demolition tool can be extended and contracted, can be large and small, can be disassembled and assembled, and is known as the "variable steel", suitable for various rescue sites, especially for the initial rescue work.


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